Welcome to 3D-Lipo in Rotherham

We are a small friendly business based in Parkgate, Rotherham and we are here to help both men and women with their body image.

We treat everybody as an individual and personalise our recommendations to you which allows us to offer bespoke treatment packages.

To help keep track of your progress we can optionally take measurements and photos of the treated areas which is very popular with our clients but the decision is yours.

If any of the following sounds familiar then we have treatments that can help

  • Ladies, you may want instant results for that little black dress
  • Guys getting that favourite t-shirt to fit
  • Build self-confidence to help get out jogging or going to the gym
  • Smooth out the cellulite areas to reduce that ripple effect
  • Help with loose skin on the body or around the face and neck area

During your free consultation we ensure that you are medically fit to have any treatment you need.

3D Lipo is becoming very popular as we are able to perform non-surgical treatments with very little interruption to your daily life style. Here are some facts to help you understand a little bit more about us

  • You may need one or more treatments to get to your ideal shape.
  • Ours treatments are ideal for ages 20’s through to 60’s.
  • Men and Women from all walks of life find it affordable, pain free and a most comfortable procedure.
  • In some cases, where you are too body conscious to visit the gym, our treatments can give you that lift to move on to a healthier life style.
  • Maybe you have just a small area of fat that just won’t budge no matter how much you try to burn it off at the gym. Our treatments are perfect these isolated areas.

We are fully trained therapist in 3D Lipo treatments in Rotherham and we look forward to making you feel great!