Hello, we are a mother and daughter family run business, but there is more to tell….

Like many people we had our ups and downs with weight loss plans and/or trying to keep up a regime of fitness along the way.

We found one of the most difficult things to do was to monitor our eating habits. Watch a sad film: get the chocolate biscuits out, watch an intense film: order a pizza! Then back to working out hard at the gym or jogging for miles and miles. We always felt overly hungry afterwards and would then raid the cupboards, fridge and in some extreme cases, defrost a loaf in the microwave!

Then we came across an advert on Facebook about 3D Lipo and at the time thought “this has to be too good to be true”.

So, we visited the 3D Lipo head office in Rugby where they gave us plenty of literature to read, showed us the equipment and thoroughly explained what it does. But to really prove how good the treatments are, they did a cavitation treatment on my daughter Lisa (well let’s be honest, I was thinking the proof is in the pudding…!!)

Wow! We were shocked! It actually gave a visible result of a 1.5 cm gap on the band where her jeans fastened. It was just amazing!

Now, we want to give back and make a difference to the men and women of Rotherham, South Yorkshire and beyond. Let us give you the chance to get the body you have always dreamed of!

Whether it’s an exciting treatment where you may want instant results for that little black dress or for you guys wearing that favourite t-shirt, or you are thinking more long-term and want a treatment where results happen over time but can stay with you for up to 18 months, from body contouring to face lift / rejuvenation or that cellulite you just can’t budge no matter how many creams and formulas you try. We have the solutions to suit your needs.

We are now fully trained therapist in 3D Lipo treatments in Rotherham and we look forward to making you feel great!