Is this a substitute for taking care of my body?

The answer is no, on the contrary, you should be mindful that this is not a ‘Total’ solution.

It is a fact that overweight/obesity can have further complications.

Fat can be stored around your organs & we as Clinic promote a well-balanced diet & at least gentle exercise (see your GP or Health Advisor) or contact our Partner Nutritionist on our Website.

What sensations will I feel whilst having Treatment?


Starts off a room temperature but as time goes on it warms up and most clients find it to be a pleasant sensation.

The ultrasound does fibrate through the whole of your body so you will hear a buzzing sound now and then.

Cryolipolysis  (fat freeze)

The method is to vacuum the area into a pocket so you will feel a slight tug.

The temperature lowers to freezing point is pretty quick & the area is numbed.

Hifu Body & Face.

We test your skin at the consultation stage to find the optimum power that is comfortable for you, we request you to come in after 48 hours to check the area.

Does it matter if I have had a Liposuction Operation?

We have catered for quite a few clients of this nature.

Ideally at least 6 months since your operation and all scars are completely healed.

Where on my body can fat be reduced & skin tightened?

  • Upper Arms and Legs
  • Parts of your back
  • Thighs
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Under Chin
  • Buttocks

What are the advantages of 3D Lipo v Surgery?

Surgery 3D Lipo
Invasive (cut through body) Yes No
Long Recovery Time Yes No
Traumatic Yes No
Time off Work Yes No
Total Rearrange Life to fit in treatment Yes No
Expensive Yes No
Damage to surrounding Tissue Yes No
Weeping Wounds Yes No
Further treatment to Wounds Yes No
Free 30 Minutes After Care Nutritionist ? Yes
Consultation 30 minutes No Yes
Book treatment within an hour No Yes
Work around you open 7 days a week No Yes
Friendly atmosphere ? Yes
Cost effective No Yes
Painful Yes No
Straight off the couch and back to work No Yes
Body and Face – bandages on leaving Yes No
Puffy Face on leaving Yes No

How Long does it Take?

  • Cryolipolysis & Shock Wave   – From 1hr 10mins
  • Cavitation & Shock Wave       – Up to an 1 hr
  • Hifu Body                                  – From 45 mins through 5 hrs
  • Radio Frequency                      – 45 mins
  • Hifu Face & Neck                     –  From 35 mins through to  3hrs

Does it Hurt?

The treatments are devised to ensure that you have a comfortable experience.

What Can’t I do after treatment?

  • Cryolipolysis (Freeze) & Hifu   –  Avoid the following:
  • Drinking Alcohol/caffeine for 24 hours
  • Excess Heat, Exercising, Sunbeds, Sauna or Steam & any other Heat Treatments for 1 Week

For Cavitation & Radio Frequency –  Avoid :

  • Drinking Alcohol/caffeine for 24 hours

When will I see results?

  • Cryoliplysis (Freeze): Usually visible
  • With Shockwave 2 months
  • Without shockwave to 4 months
  • However, some clients start to see a difference in weeks.

Are the Results Permanent?

  • Hifu Body:  Fat cells disintegrated
  • Cryo Freeze:  20% to 40% of Fat cells frozen and dead
  • Cavitation: The cells that are destroyed vary from person to person.

All the above destroyed fat cells are Permanently Destroyed and cannot return back into your body as they are carried away through your Lymph Nodes and then Lymphatic System where ultimately they go through your Kidneys and Liver disposed of naturally through your body.

Should you eat excessively or eat lots of fat your body will absorb it and eventually the fat cells that you already have will enlarge.

Your fat cells can only take so much fat and if overloaded will also split and create new fat cells.

Processed food that contains fat is one of your worst enemies as your Body does not know how to digest it properly and will directly put it in your fat cells