For Men Only

How to reduce Fat

Fat Freeze is an ideal solution for men with Man Boobs. Our treatment targets the problem areas, freezes the fat which causes the fat cells to die and the body then naturally removes the dead cells.

Man Boobs are a very common throughout the world and the cause can be from hormone imbalance, hormone therapy  or simply by being overweight.

It is now a common occurrence for men to venture in to our clinic for various treatments ranging from Man Boobs through to sculpting the abs area. We we also provide tailored courses of treatments to tackle being overweight.

When men visit our clinic they don’t feel self-confidence ebbing away. If anything they find the process so comfortable, they nod off & look forward to the next session.

Fat Freeze is a safe treatments for the chest area, however for all other areas Fat Freeze, Cavitation and Hifu Body can be an alternative.

man in shorts relaxing in deck chair with problem fatty areas being highlighted